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  • Fetisov is chairman of Green Alliance-People’s Party, the most prominent, albeit nascent force in the field of green politics. And he feels for Greenpeace in its standoff with Gazprom about drilling in the Arctic.

  • The Leader of Green Alliance, Russia is ready
    to go bail for arrested Greenpeace activists
    Russian billionaire Gleb Fetisov, the Leader of ‘Green Alliance – People’s Party’ has petitioned the Leninski District Court of Murmansk to vary the preventive measure for arrested activists on personal surety or bail.

    On October 13 the City of Belgorod will host actions against ecologically hazardous drilling of shale gas in Ukraine close to Russian borders. For the first time in the history extensive and strongly representative discussions, as well as protest actions against this controversial energy project will take place.

  • RIA NOVOSTI: Gleb Fetisov, billionaire, chairman of the "Green Alliance - People's Party" is ready to move to Tomsk if elected mayor and said that so far he was not going to contribute to the investment projects in the Siberian city. "Tomsk is a scientific and educational center, I understand its problems, I am mentally close to the people," - said Fetisov.

  • "Green Alliance - People's Party" received 20 seats in the Moscow Region! On the Single Voting Day, September 8, 2013, in the Moscow Region in addition to the elections of the Region Governor, the local elections were held in a number of municipalities.