Main News

  • On February 8, 2013 in Moscow, an international round table “Protection of citizens' electoral rights. The instruments of long-term monitoring” was held - organized by the Party" Green Alliance - People's Party. "The round table was attended by representatives of leading Russian civil society organizations involved in the protection of voting rights and representatives of Green Parties of Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia and Azerbaijan.
  • Gleb Fetisov, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the 73rd Russian businessman in the Forbes rating of the richest people, told Vera Sitnina (magazine "Kommersant Vlast") why he joined the task force to prepare a report “On a complex of measures to ensure sustainable development in Russia in the conditions of global instability”.
  • The current Cabinet is unable to cope even with the preparation of their own areas of work for the period up to 2018. This document was to have been submitted for consideration by the Government and approved before December 1, 2012, and was presented only today!