Natalia Yu. Chernysheva

Deputy Chairwoman of the Political Party "Green Alliance - People's Party" for external relations, member of the Council of Deputies, Zyuzino Municipality of Moscow and the head of ANO "Organizing People's Control."

In 1996, she graduated from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), faculty: international economic relations; qualification: economist specializing in international economic relations and foreign languages; specialty: accounting, analysis and audit in foreign economic activity.

1996 – 1999: the International Legal Advisory Center on Taxation, auditor of the first category, specialized in taxation and auditing in different industries.

2001 – 2009: "Baker Tilly Rusaudit" Ltd., a major Russian audit firm that is a member of the international network "Baker Tilly" (in the top ten largest accounting networks around the world).

Started as a specialist in the Department of International Projects "Baker Tilly Russadit" LLC; promoted to senior specialist, audit manager, head of the international audit. Practically from scratch has created and developed her own line of business for international audit. She was appointed head of the Department of International Projects, then Deputy Director General for International audit. Specialized in the audit of financial statements under the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Represented the company at international conferences.

In 2008 was elected to the Municipal Assembly of intra-city municipal entity Zyuzino, Moscow. Receives citizens on various issues, helps to achieve solutions. In 2012, was re-elected for a second term. Has prevented, together with the residents, to build a "People's Garage" in Zyuzino, a supermarket in Teply Stan, prevented building-up of the Bittsevsky forest, pinpoint construction in the Tverskoy district and others. Have stood up for the public hearings in Moscow.

In 2010 created Autonomous Non-Profit Organization /ANO/ and Advisory Center "Organizing People's Control". Engaged in writing and dissemination of instructions for citizens to check the state and municipal authorities, management companies in the field of housing, conducts training workshops, audits the financial statements of state and municipal authorities, checks budget spending and tendering for public procurement. Together with like-minded people set up offices ANO "Organizing people's control" in more than forty regions of Russia.

From July 2012 - Deputy Chairwoman of the Political Party "Green Alliance - People's Party" for foreign relations. Interacts with senior green representatives all over the world, as well as with the various organizations of civil society activists in Russia.