The political party "Green Alliance" is one of the most active political forces among the so-called "new wave parties" both in terms of party-building and increasing the number of supporters, and in terms of representation in legislative bodies at different levels.

In October 2012, the party "Green Alliance" for the first time took part in the election of the municipal and regional level, covering 14 regions of Russia, pulling more than 300 candidates - the largest number among all the new parties. Among the first results achieved by the Alliance are as follows:

In Khomutovo, Irkutsk Region, Tatiana Aleshkina, our candidate, became a member of the Council of Deputies. In the elections to the Parliament of the Republic of North Ossetia "Green Alliance" against the strong administrative pressure was able to score 2.04% of the vote and take fifth place out of 17 participating parties. In the elections to the Uryupinsk City Council our candidate won nearly 32% of the vote, finishing in second place. In the election of the mayor of the city of Khimki, Mitvol scored 15% of the vote and took third place. In the Volgograd City Council "Green Alliance" formed a faction of several deputies.

At the moment the "Green Alliance" has 65 regional offices. The party has its representatives in the executive and legislative branches in a number of regions, and their number, as the number of supporters of the party as a whole, is growing rapidly.

The Party announced about its participation in a number of large-scale campaigns on a single day of voting in September of 2013.

• Gleb Fetisov, Chairman of the Party is to be a candidate for Governor of the Moscow Region.

• Oleg Mitvol, Chairman of the Central Council, will participate in the election of the Mayor of Yekaterinburg.

• Party leaders shall lead the party lists for elections to the Legislative Assembly of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

• The party candidate will also compete for the post of Mayor of Vladivostok.

• A possibility of participation of candidates for election to the Legislative Assemblies in other several regions is being discussed.

• In addition, a large number of candidates from the party would participate in the elections at the local level.

The party's goal is to achieve medium-term regional representation in the legislative and executive bodies of the majority of subjects of the Russian Federation. In 2016, we intend to create the first, in Russian history, green faction, in the State Duma of the Russian Federation.