Who we are

A Brief Historical Overview

A new party called the "Green Alliance - People's Party" was established at its Founding
Congress held on April 24, 2012 in Mozhaisk, Moscow Region. The representatives of
Greenpeace Russia and the leaders of foreign Green parties came to attend the
congress and support the party’s creation. The Congress was attended by delegates
representing 67 regions from all federal districts, including current members of
legislative assemblies. The Green Alliance united environmentalists, scientists, experts
and other supporters of the party’s Green ideology.
At the Founding Congress, Gleb Fetisov was elected Chairman, the party’s highest
Oleg Mitvol was elected Chairman of the Central Council, the party’s collegial
management body.
GLEB FETISOV- Chairman of the Council for the Study of Productive Forces,
Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Economic
Sciences, Professor.
Gleb Fetisov was born in 1966 in Elektrostal (Moscow Region).
In 1988, he graduated with honors from Moscow State University’s Economics
Department. He went on to be awarded a Master’s Degree, also with honors, from the
Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, and completed
postgraduate studies at Lomonosov Moscow State University’s Economics Department.
He later successfully his PhD at the Financial University Under the Government of the
Russian Federation.
From 1990, he worked at the Central Economics and Mathematics Institute, at USSR
Academy of Sciences.
Between 1997and- 2001, he was a member of the Legislative Assembly of Krasnoyarsk
From 2001 until 2009, he was a member of the Upper House of Parliament.
Since 2003, he is the Macroeconomic Regulation and Planning Chair (MERiP) at the
Economics Faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University.
Since 2009, he is a member of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation.
OLEG MITVOLis a well-known Russian environmentalist, Chairman of the Presidium of
the Interregional Public Movement "In Defense of the Constitutional Right of Citizens to
a Healthy Environment, the Green Alternative", Doctor of Historical Sciences.
Oleg Mitvol was born October 3, 1966 in Moscow.
A Brief Historical Overview* Green Alliance – People’s Party * Russian Federation.
Translated from Russian by ‘LLC ALTLingvo’, Moscow 2
In 1988, he graduated from the Moscow Communications Electro technical Institute, as
a "Radio Engineer" specialist.
Between 1988 and 1989, he worked as a design engineer at the USSR Space
Research Institute. In 1989, he graduated from the Plekhanov Russian University of
Economics (MINKh) specializing in "Economic Governance of Research and
Engineering Development". He is the author of a patent.
From 1997 to 2003, he was Chairman of the Board of Directors of the daily newspaper
"Novye Izvestia".
From 2004 to 2009, he was the Deputy Head of the Federal Service for Supervision of
Natural Resources.
From 2009to 2010, he was Prefect of the Northern Administrative District of Moscow.
The Founding Congress adopted a political program for the party. The new party is an
association of citizens who believe that the responsible, free, happy individual and a
healthy environment for him to live in is the absolute priority for the political, economic,
social and cultural development of the state. Fundamentally this is a new party that is
advocating the universal values of all Russians: decent and comfortable living
conditions, a responsible attitude to nature and its resources and a healthy environment
for a healthy life.
The provisions of the Global Greens Charter and the Charter of European Greens were
adopted as the basic principles of the Party’s ideology. The ideological and
organizational integration with the Global Green movement was set as one of the
priorities for the development of the Green Alliance. In fact, the Green Alliance is the
first in Russia’s history to have set the course for building a federation-wide independent
party, embodying the ideas of Global Green movement and putting the issues of the
largest country (by territory) on the global environmental agenda. From the very
beginning, the goal was to create a Green party based on the European model, playing
a major role in political decision-making at all levels.
The realization of citizens’ constitutional right to a healthy environment and the
responsibility for its preservation are central to our program. We are convinced that
development with no growth is better than growth without development. We advocate
for the advancement of the Green economy and for sustainable development that
ensures the efficient and responsible use of natural resources, satisfying the needs of
the whole of society, including its future generations. Our fundamental priority is social
justice. The task of improving the quality of life for all Russian citizens is at the heart of
the Green Alliance political platform. We are fighting the stratification of society and are
for real equality in the allocation of resources and public goods.
We stand for inclusive democracy and strive to ensure every citizen of our country has
the right and the real possibility to participate in all public decision-making. Therefore,
we believe that the most important area of our activities is the development of local selfgovernment.
In foreign policy, the absolute priority is the non-violent resolution of conflicts.
A Brief Historical Overview* Green Alliance – People’s Party * Russian Federation.
Translated from Russian by ‘LLC ALTLingvo’, Moscow 3
In October 2012, the party "Green Alliance" took part in the municipal and regional
elections, covering 14 regions (constituent entities) of Russia and slating more than 300
candidates - the largest number of any new party.
The Alliance has achieved several early results:
• In Khomutovo, Irkutsk Region, our candidate Tatiana Aleshkina became a
member of the Board of Deputies.
• In the Republic of North Ossetia’s parliamentary elections, "Green Alliance -
People's Party", despite strong administrative pressure, was able to gain 2.04%
of the vote and placed fifth out of 17 participating parties.
• In the Uryupinsk City Council elections our candidate won nearly 32% of the
vote, finishing second.
• In the election of the mayor of Khimki, Oleg Mitvol scored 15% of the vote and
finished third.
In December 2012, the Green Alliance launched the project "Total Control". Against a
backdrop of widespread discontent with fraud in elections at all levels in Russia, the
party united all the leading civic organizations observers ("Golos", "Citizen Observer",
"Observers of St. Petersburg", "SONAR") in a series of round-tables and meetings -
with a view to developing a unified strategy for ensuring the monitoring and
transparency of elections.
In January 2013, the party launched the project "Green Tribunal". As part of the project,
any citizen who encounters a violation of the environment protection law can get
professional help by filling out online forms on the web site. Professional lawyers send
requests to the appropriate authorities and monitor the answers. Party activists organize
direct actions at the local level. The press-service helps attract media and public
attention. Despite its short existence, the project has become one of the most effective
systemic tools to raise awareness of environmental conflicts and ensure their resolution.
At the request of the inhabitants of various cities in Russia - from Kaliningrad to
Vladivostok - the party participated in resolution of more than 100 environmental
Successfully completed cases include:
• preventing deforestation in protected areas of the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain in
• drawing attention to the danger of an environmental disaster in the national park
"Zavidovo", Moscow Region,
• eliminating the consequences of a breach in a collector in Obolensk, Moscow
• preventing logging in the Avtozavodsky and Kulibin parks in Nizhny Novgorod,
• resolving heavy vehicle parking problems in the town of Klin, Tver Region.
A Brief Historical Overview* Green Alliance – People’s Party * Russian Federation.
Translated from Russian by ‘LLC ALTLingvo’, Moscow 4
In February 2013, Moscow hosted the Second Congress of the Party. The Congress
approved the proposed Green Alliance strategy for advanced breakthrough for the
Russian economy based on the ideas of sustainable, not resource-based, development.
The policy of integration with the European Green Party was declared. Also on the
agenda was how to strengthen the role of the main and strongest new party, the leader
of the "new wave of Russian politics". The party intends to become part of the European
Green movement and the "third force" in Russian politics, playing a major role in
political decision-making at all levels.
At the present moment, the Green Alliance has 65 regional offices. The party has 2,000
registered members.
The party has its representatives in both the executive and legislative, including:
• Dmitry Belanovich (Mayor of Mozhaisk District, Moscow Region),
• Michael Barkovsky (Chairman of the Commission on Ecology of Nizhny
Novgorod City Duma),
• Gennady Budarin (Ulyanovsk City Duma Deputy),
• Vladislav Basiev (Mayor of Krasnogorsk Settlement in Republic of North
• Tatiana Aleshkina (Member of Khomutovo Settlement Board of Deputies, Irkutsk
• Olga Tueva (Member of Toora-Khem Settlement Council of Deputies, Republic of
The Party has announced its participation in virtually all of the largest election
campaigns on the single voting day in September 2013.
Gleb Fetisov, chairman of the party, will put himself forward as a candidate for the
Governor of the Moscow Region.
Party leaders will head the party lists for the election of legislative assemblies of the
Republic of Bashkortostan, Rostov Region, Irkutsk Region, the Republic of Buryatia,
and the Republic of Kalmykia. A party candidate will compete for the post of Mayor of
Among the medium-term electoral goals are winning party representation in the regional
legislative and executive bodies in the majority of subjects of the Russian Federation
and the formation of the first Green faction in the RF State Duma in the history of
The party has shaped its course with the active involvement of young people in its
activities, particularly in the organization of public environmental projects. In March, the
founding congress of the youth wing of the Party was held. It will begin its work under
the auspices of the Moscow regional branch. The youth organization of the Party has
been called the "Ecoalliance".
A Brief Historical Overview* Green Alliance – People’s Party * Russian Federation.
Translated from Russian by ‘LLC ALTLingvo’, Moscow 5
Also in March, the Green Alliance proclaimed that one of its priorities is ensuring gender
equity, both as a guiding principle in the party’s own development and as a political aim
for the platform. The Green Alliance has set itself the task of combining the Green
movement and the women's movement in Russia. On March 18, 2013, the first step
was made, when a cooperation agreement was signed between Gleb Fetisov, Party
Chairman, and Natalia Manzhikova, Head of the "Gender Equality Fund".
Furthermore, in April The Green Alliance signed an Agreement on Strategic
Cooperation with another women’s organization ‘The Council on Consolidation of
Women’s Movement’. The Alliance expects it’ll become the first party in this country
having woman as co-chairperson and electoral candidates’ lists with women quotas.
The main objective of the Agreement is promoting of gender equity and increasing
women’s representation in politics.
At the signing ceremony Natalia Dmitrieva, Chairwoman of The Council and Gleb
Fetisov, Chairman of The Alliance were present.
The Alliance is convinced that the main requirement of today is encouragement of
women’s participation in politics. One of the steps in this direction could be launching of
the so called ‘women’s quotas’ in electoral party candidates’ list in which up to 50% of
candidates are going to be women.
Later this June party will participate in the Third All-Russian Women’s Congress. Within
its program party will organize the workshop ‘Ecology and Safe and Secure World’.
On April 22, 2013 the Green Alliance - People's Party formally applied with the
European Green Party for its Candidate Membership in the EGP.
Party Executive Office
April, 2013